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Yoga can be a very personal experience that heals, transforms and provides tools for living a more joyful and balanced life. While one of the great side effects of the practice is the benefit it brings to the overall fitness and health of your body, there is so much more to gain. It can feel intimidating for some to come into a crowded group yoga class. This can be especially difficult if there are emotional or physical limitations or maybe you are new to moving your body.

Small Yoga Classes

At Mindful & Embodied we have created a welcoming and warm environment that focuses on small group classes so everyone receives attention. A small group allows the instructor to tailor the practice to those in the class and to assure that your body is safely aligned in the postures. Our instructors are intuitive, empathetic and are trained extensively in understanding the benefits of the yoga postures and how to sequence them to give you a uniquely beneficial experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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Private Assisted Yoga

Private assisted Yoga instruction is more than just a guided yoga session between you and your instructor. Your instructor will work very closely with you, listen to you, pay attention to how you are holding your body and will sequence the practice and choose postures that will best suit you in the given moment. Since your instructor is able to focus all of their energy and awareness on you, it can be a very productive and transformative experience.

Great care and nurturing is given through direct physical therapeutic adjustments. This can be very helpful for those in need of healing or struggling with personal issues such as trauma, addictions, injuries, illnesses, weight challenges, depression or anxiety.

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Injury and trauma echo deep into our muscles and connective tissue. BioSync® is a physical and energetic form of bodywork focused on releasing and dissipating holding patterns.

In BioSync® Barefoot Bodywork, the body is placed in various spiral and yogic positions while Natalie uses her feet and the movement of Chi energy to address all meridians and acupressure points. As your body is pressed into the earth, holding patterns and dysfunction, whether physical or emotional, are dissipated in a safe way. The Chi generated by the massage creates a constant pressure that releases stored trauma and clears energy blocks resulting in deep relaxation, release, and restoration.

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What They Say
Yoga Professionals

Dedicated to your success

Natalie Buchi
Owner, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Natalie is a student and practitioner of many yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini, Forest Yoga, Anusara, Prenatal, Restorative and BioSync.

Erica Walters
Certified Instructor

Erica creates a space for her students to be awakened to their vibrance and truth and reigniting the brilliant light that burns inside. Each class brings balance, peace & calm.

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