Teacher Training

Natalie Buchi , E-RYT500 is the studio owner at Mindful & Embodied and has been teaching for 12 years.  She is the trainer for the school and she works closely with everyone in the group to ensure that they are learning what they are most interested in and are able to receive the benefits of the practice in a way that enhances their own personal growth and development. She works closely with each trainer and blends the categories well for what is required to become a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and how to do it.  To do give this type of mentorship she limits the training to 6 serious applicants and will mentor them as long as they need.

The program might not be what you expect.  We will get comfortable and will first and foremost, connect.  State our goals and expectations and look at all of the options to make it work for each individual in the group.  Natalie dives into all of the styles of Yoga, which she has studied in great detail.

This training is beneficial to those intending to become Yoga teachers as well as those who might not want to teach but are interested in learning about Yoga and how the tools can be used in daily life.

Think about it.  Pain is pain.  Fear is fear. Boredom is boredom, Jealousy is jealously.  Regret is regret.  Ambition is ambition, Happy, joyful, abundant can be a key player in this journey of life and is already inside of us. Yet we seem to identify with our own limitations than to our power and unique gifts.

We aren’t our thoughts.

We aren’t our experiences.

The body and mind have two different and very important intelligence systems. We need to connect with our true selves and learn how to deal with our own hang-ups or obtrusive thoughts as much as we need to reign our ego in.  In this training, you will change.  We get into the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional benefits which are very scientific and are finally being recognized as something that can heal many injuries and traumas, illness, depression, anxiety and a myriad of other things.

This training focuses on what the accepted applicants are interested in learning so they receive the benefits of the practice in a way that enhances their own personal growth and development. There is no discrimination, just a commitment to those interested in dedicating their time and embracing a new practice and to also gain the ability to teach others, with humility.  This is a lifestyle and is worth investing in.

Personal practice and education are the places to start.  Practice what you teach and teach what you practice. Natalie will introduce you to many styles of Yoga and skillfully lead you through each and every facet of the knowlege she has gained on her path.

If you are seriously interested in transforming your life, finding your strength, power, and gaining a skill in a trade you potentially want to teach to others, call Natalie to reserve your spot!  We have so much fun!

Train with us!

Teach Yoga

This training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and covers a wide range of topics essential for anyone wanting to understand yoga on a deeper level including:

Yoga history, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle
Anatomy and physiology (studying the brain, nervous system, muscles, bones, joints, organs, soft tissue and how it all works in Yoga)
The business of Yoga
The Chakra system
Prenatal Yoga
Meditation and Pranayama
Technique, teaching methodology and how to teach various styles
Therapeutic adjustments and assisted Yoga
Mindfulness as a tool to heal depression, anxiety and other imbalances in the body
Energy and bodywork

NEXT 200 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING COURSE: April 16,2018 – July 27, 2018

We will meet most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm – 5:00pm plus trainees must participate in 3 Yoga classes per week.  Some of the dates TBD once we get the group together and are able to accommodate any schedule conflicts or travel.

Cost is $2,500 which includes the training, instruction and anatomy materials, and unlimited yoga classes at Mindful and Embodied.

Would you like to learn more about this teacher training program or sign up? Let’s see if it is a good fit!  Tell Natalie a little about yourself and she will get back to you.