Yoga is Now

After almost two decades of practice the founder of Mindful & Embodied, which has become a concept and not just a business name, finds herself in need of healing she couldn’t have imagined after all she’s gained from the practice to begin with, assisting her through multiple challenges that she believed earned her the peace she found.  The real lesson is to now use it on every level. Now using the concept and turning her own knowledge to the practice Nats is being powered by Mindful & Embodied and has more confidence in her ability to rehabilitate her body and mind in ways only spirit could be asking for in manifest.

After using Yoga for healing, growth, transformation, and rediscovering herself, putting her stamp in the yoga community as a teacher she finds herself calling upon every lesson from the Yogis and Gurus, one degree of separation for each tradition of the original “yoga tree” branches before teachers began confusing their yoga practice with their identity. Yoga belongs to no one, it depends on how you use it that makes the practice something beyond the physical but using the physical for tangible results.  Five teachers with different needs took the teachings of Krishnamacharya who systematized yoga after five thousand years of it being underground and unknown brought Yoga to the west in the early twentieth century. And that is where the heart of Yoga lies for our time

After six months of uncertainty around her physicality, experiencing damage to every part of her body (save a leg and a face) in a high speed near fatal car accident caused by a stroke, she now has the opportunity to not only use yoga, but demonstrate the science as it was intended. Sadly this knowledge is becoming lost so Yoga could accommodate our modern world’s need for instant gratification, trends and vanity. If we’re not careful as stated in one of her interviews (link) on yoga and the perceptions that drove her to this answer when asked, “Isn’t Yoga just a fad?”: Nats knowingly but humbly replied with fierce conviction, “It will be if we’re not careful.” In this Nats’ desire to keep Yoga intact but also applicable to our modern day needs became her opportunity to take every lesson learned and apply it all at once.  She’s uncovered a way to use the practice as a whole and make it accessible to anybody, anytime, anywhere and not just for exercise, that’s just a side effect.

She will document her journey through her process of rebuilding all she learned, now realizing she wasn’t healing then.  Just gathering data.  Nats accepts this challenge with integrity in hopes the message reaches many ~ yoga heals and yoga is now.

August 3, 2020, she goes in for the final surgery giving her the green light to challenge the low percentages she was given for recovering various activities and even regaining a life that didn’t include the phrase “chronic pain”.  She begins as soon as she comes out of sedation and daily through her practice will demonstrate that there’s always a way. As one of her teachers always told her, “Look up and over, what you don’t want doesn’t matter, what you do want you’ll get, but how you get it is none of your business.”

There is no plan.  No syllabus.  Nats has excelled in sharing yoga and impacting many on their paths, participating in what some may call miracles, but knowing she was only blending with a source we all know is there.

Now, with everything on the line, her practice each day will be using her knowledge of each yoga system. She will create a daily recipe for herself that can be transferable for numerous conditions and ailments. While she can’t predict what is to come and in what order, until she is healed, her sequences will be useful to anyone dealing with issues from laziness to a bad hair day to abuse, depresion, illnesses and injuries of every kind and will make note upon the various effects that each practice might have for others so she invites anyone to follow along and choose to participate for their own reasons, as long as they understand that each sequence is going to yield the intended results.

While each practice may not be necessary for everyone on any given day, (when she’s healed you can come visit for a private practice for you) you can count on her dedication daily that in no way could miss trials from the most devastating to seemingly insignificant. Our world is changing, Yoga is now. Don’t just believe these words, try it and please practice with us.

After years of teaching upwards of 20 classes a week at times, she feels now a need to stay close to those who have benefitted and were left hanging after that terrifying February afternoon as well as those who are new to Mindful & Embodied’s approach. She unknowingly prepped to take this time to heal the healer and has available for purchase on all online music venues as well as physical copies (contact us for the Album) of healing sounds and inspirational chants (linkto emaney) as well as an insightful commentary hosted by a radio program that brings these elevated practices into compelling interviews, showcasing her journey and how the science of yoga has become what we need at this time of pandemic.  There are changes we never dreamed of happening that are hitting and fast and hard and our relationship to ourselves, each other and the world is uncertain. This might be more or less devastating and will alter our existence as we know it to something that may not even be sustainable.  That doesn’t seem fun.

Yoga is now.