Connective Fascia Tissue Unwinding and Alignment Work

This type of work is a physical and energetic form of bodywork which shown remarkable success with a wide range of muscular and trauma-related challenges. When there is a physical injury, such as a car accident, an athletic injury or other physical wound, the damage done might not be in one isolated place. An injury to one muscle or disease of any kind can affect the way the body operates as a whole. This is not only true in regards to physical injuries.

Did you know that every stressful moment you have experienced and every negative emotion you have ever felt is stored in some part of your body all the way down to the cellular level? It’s in your muscles, your connective tissue, your joints, and in your organs. Simply knowing and even discussing a traumatic experience in our lives doesn’t necessarily mean we process it. The mind is only capable of so much and can become overloaded and might not perceive things accurately. The body kindly participates with the mind in our experiences and is every bit as intelligent and capable of healing long lived injuries and traumas as well as speeding along the process of healing new ones. This type of relaxing and grounding bodywork facilitates these processes and puts the skeleton back into place while working with the muscles and retraining them to work correctly and harmoniously.

The process is quite relaxing but can still be intense in certain areas. The practitioner skillfully executes the technique while the client assumes yogic positions as guided by Natalie. Natalie uses her feet and the movement of Chi energy to address all meridians and acupressure points. As your body is pressed into the earth, holding patterns and dysfunction, whether physical or emotional, are dissipated in a safe way. The Chi generated by the massage creates a constant pressure that releases stored trauma and clears energy blocks resulting in deep relaxation, release, and restoration. The effect of the work is very deep and while it can be intense at times, most clients report feeling lighter, more open, and more relaxed than they have with any other type of bodywork.

Another element to the work can also be performed on the abdomen. Whether it is combined in a full session or scheduled as a separate session for Internal Work only, it is incredibly healing and can alleviate a number of ailments, including back pain. Natalie uses her forearm and elbow in a systematic way to open up and unwind tension in the internal organs and surrounding tissue. It is detoxifying and helps relieve the body of excess stagnation – improving digestion and elimination as well as offering stimulation to the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It helps to release deep-seated tensions since much of our response to our emotional life is stored in the digestive system. Internal work can also bring relief to those suffering from back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as assisting with problems relating to misalignment of the pelvis, legs and feet.

2 Hours: $150
90 Minutes: $125

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