I began practicing Yoga in 2001 and experienced profound effects immediately. After just a few classes, I became aware that I could use Yoga to examine resistances and heal wounds that had been limiting me physically and emotionally for years. Yoga taught me to question the workings of my mind, make deliberate choices and focus my attention on the present moment, and to find safety in my body.

I have had the weirdest life. I know loss to the max. I have been through it all. Abuse (all of the kinds), many confusing experiences and times I had no idea who I was or where. Yoga saved my life. I have studied many different styles of yoga with many wonderful teachers and integrate all of that knowledge into my practice and my teaching. I have experience and training in everything from restorative yoga and meditation to more athletic and alignment based practices as well as Kundalini Yoga. I also practice Kalaripayattu, which is considered a sister practice to yoga. It is an ancient Indian martial art that I studied in India for 2 months in 2010 and call upon that wisdom often in my teaching and life decisions every day. I wouldn’t be alive without these amazing techniques and systems and I couldn’t be more grateful for the Yogi’s that perfected all of these practices and made them accessible to persons of this time. We are seriously so lucky and please don’t believe me. Just try Yoga. Any kind that appeals to you. It will help you and change your life for the better. Things will be easier to handle. Things you never thought you could comprehend or take on will be less of an obstacle and the sweetness of being a survivor, a thriver, and a being that holds their head up high and remembers that we are stronger than we think. We have so much potential. It just gets lost or forgotten through our business or forgetfulness. Yoga – even doing one pose for a few breaths a day can change your life. Try doing it longer or making it a practice?! Get ready to WAKE UP! Life is hard but it is good and we all have the depth and capacity to take on anything. This is what I’ve learned and this is why I teach. I could have been a lawyer. I was well on that path. But life has a way of throwing you off the rails and that’s when you have the choice. Fall? Maintain? Transcend?

My boss thought I was nuts when I left my legal career. I miss being a fancy high healed fast paced girl sometimes but the quality of time and the deep conversations I have with people, whether verbal or not, are so fulfilling and I will never feel bad or doubt my path. It was almost handed to me by extreme trials but the sweetest things sometimes come from some of our biggest challenges.  The ones we will never really laugh at but will have gratitude for will happen and we can choose to take the opportunity to reflect and overcome the obstacles with royalty and grace or pout.  I spent years pouting and it really wasn’t becoming of me nor did it get me anywhere or make me feel any better.

In addition to teaching Yoga, I am a bodyworker. I learned from an amazing teacher, Mark Lamm, who passed away in 2015.  he taught me methods in neuromuscular work, structural integration and how to facilitate the release of trauma patterns that are stored in the connective tissue of the body.

The techniques and ancient practices I utilize are not only wonderful ways to keep the mind and body in good working order but they also create space to let go of what limits us and to consider life more comprehensively, more expansively. They give us a way to be more present and aware. They are tools for mindful living.

I am a highly intuitive and empathetic person. That combined with the use of these different modalities, provides to those who attend my classes, trainings or who choose to work individually with me, a unique experience. I give all of my students and clients an opportunity to access a part of themselves that is bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than they ever imagined while still encouraging self care and acceptance with every sensation, emotion or mind spasm. All levels are welcome in any of my classes.

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