Private Yoga

Private assisted Yoga instruction is more than just a one on one Yoga class.  Nats will work very closely with you, listen to you, pay attention to how you are holding your body and will sequence the practice and choose postures that will best suit you in the given moment. Since she is able to focus all of their energy and awareness on you, it can be a very productive and transformative experience.

Great care and nurturing is given through direct physical therapeutic adjustments. This can be very helpful for those in need of healing or struggling with personal issues such as trauma, addictions, injuries, illnesses, weight challenges, depression or anxiety.

If you’re interested in receiving extra attention, guidance, learning more about the Yoga postures or diving deeper into the Yoga philosophy and how it can be applied to your own life – Private Assisted Yoga is a wonderful approach.

Because the sessions are tailored to you, we might address physical discomforts as well as mental perceptions and emotional responses to sensations in the body. Alignment techniques and adjustments are given throughout the session so that you receive maximum benefit from the postures.

One on One Private Assisted Yoga Instruction

$90/75 minute session


Semi-Private Assisted Yoga Instruction (up to 4 students)

$100/75 minute session

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