Group classes & Scheduling

SouthTown Mall: in Sandy

Flow – Mondays all through December 10-am- 11am

Drop-In:  FREE!!!!

Park in front of Home Goods on the northeast side of the parking log and take the elevator upstairs and we are just above Home Goods in a little isolated area.  

Momentum Climbing Gym: in Sandy: 

Vinyasa:  December 23 at 5:00 pm 

Drop-In: $10

Support available by appointment only

  • Specialized instruction & students who would like to learn how to use Yoga as a tool that is practical and applicable to them in their daily life, Students or teachers interested in learning more about Yoga from someone who has walked that path and can give accurate informatio
  • Available for consultation for those uncertain of which Yoga path or training that is best for them, either with her or she knows someone.
  • Creating a solution for Studios and teachers. Building software and an app to assist Yoga teachers and studios of all sizes and will provide consulting on what they may need and receive feedback into what they will need and how best to support that as an advocate.
  • Private and Semi-Private personalized classes
  • Workshops to expand awareness.

Students approach Nats usually when they are at a crossroads or are working with serious issues that haven’t produced the results needed or offered the skill to maintain.  Yoga is sometime a last resort and is usually has the solution so if you resonate with the Mindful and Embodied approach, attitude, skillset, etc.. Don’t waste any time.  Call!  Physical ailments or illness, fitness goals, developing greater awareness and intuition, understanding anxiety and how to use the mind to work with the nervous system instead of against it, clearing the body from tension, stress or fear, addressing and working with depression, understanding addiction and finding empowerment, working through grief, and releasing trauma from the body, and is able to give guidance and tools for pretty much anything.  Yoga mirrors life and there has yet to be one thing that she has experienced or been exposed to that Yoga hasn’t helped with.

Off site group classes weekly (see schedule page for weekly updates)


One on One Access via Video Call

Available for various wellness advice via video calls Task Human

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