Mindful & Embodied is available by appointment only for most services.  Small group classes are offered on-site and are personalized for a very unique and intimate setting.  There are only 9 spots available for these special classes.

Nats also teaches at various studios and gyms in a more conventional setting on a weekly basis and is a Wellness Provider for one on one video coaching for TaskHuman.



For more information about Task Human and the upcoming radio show, see  Special Engagements and Workshops.


On-site small personalized classes at Mindful & Embodied 

Small Group Classes at Mindful and Embodied are $15 per class. There aren’t any classes scheduled currently.  Please contact Nats if you are interested in creating a course and she will work with you.


Off-site Group Classes October in Sandy:

Deep Flow – Thursday Oct 10 5:30-6:30

Drop-In: $10 in Sandy

Flow – Mondays all through October 10-am- 11am

Drop-In:  FREE!!!! (We’re right by the fountain by Victorias Secret. Park in the farthest Northside parking lot) In Sandy

Hot Restore – Monday October 15th 7:15pm-8:30pm

Hot Restore – Tuesday October 16th 6:00 – 7:15pm

One on One Access via Video Call

Nats is now available for video calls as a wellness provider for Task Human. The first 7 minutes of any topic chosen for guidance is FREE!!!

Download their app on you smart phone and give it a try.  No commitment is necessary except for the commitment you make to your wellbeing and if you find that it is helpful and you want to continue online wellness sessions, you can book Nats or any other provider from their wellness team that is available for your topic of interest.


Availability and appointments for live video coaching this is available on the TaskHuman app.

Health and Wellness Tips and Discussion – Live Broadcast – Yoga Is Now

Nats will be presenting a 30 minute show on Elevated Radio  Monday 6/20, 7/1, 7/8, 7/29, 8/5 & 8/12 at 11:00am MST (1:00pm EST).


Her segments will feature various topics and conversation around Yoga and why we need it so desperately right now, as well as topics on the human body and all the systems at play in living an abundant and healthy life, how Bodywork and Yoga can heal trauma patterns, the importance and benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and subtle body awareness. Callers are welcomed to join her and Rick Delgado for an enriching and most likely very entertaining discussion!


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