Semi-Private Yoga

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Yoga can be a very personal experience that heals, transforms and provides tools for living a more joyful and balanced life. While one of the great side effects of the practice is the benefit it brings to the overall fitness and health of your body, there is so much more to gain. It can feel intimidating for some to come into a crowded group yoga class. This can be especially difficult if there are emotional or physical limitations or maybe you are new to moving your body.  If you are interested in a Small Group class setting that isn’t private or semi-private, please contact Nats and she will work with you on a course.

Mindful & Embodied is a a welcoming and warm environment that focuses on small group classes, Yoga teacher trainings, workshops, bodywork and special engagements. A benefit of small group classes is in how it allows the instructor to tailor the practice to those in the class and to assure that their body’s are safely aligned in the postures. All classes are taught by Natalie Buchi E-RYT 500, Nats is fun, open, empathetic and extensively trained in understanding all of the benefits of the yoga practice and postures and how to sequence them to give each practitioner a uniquely beneficial experience.