Events & Workshops

One on One Access via Video Call

Nats is now available for video calls as a wellness provider for Task Human. The first 7 minutes of any topic chosen for guidance is FREE!!!  It’s such a straight forward awesome service with the option to invest more time in yourself when you’re ready to receive more in-depth tools and guidance personally from Nats (or any other of the awesome providers).  The 7 minute discovery calls can be helpful with immediate solutions and getting clear on what direction you want to head in.  When there are more things at play or a lot to talk about so you can get the best guidance in the area you are in need,  you may want to schedule a one on one appointment with Nats or any available Wellness Provider.  There are multiple options for time increments, pricing options, and schedule availability.


Download their app and give it a try risk free!  No commitment is necessary except for the commitment you make to your wellbeing!


If you are really ready to make some changes, you will be surprised at how helpful it is to get the tools you need from professionals highly educated and skilled in topics such as general health, fitness, wellness, mindfulness, healing, recovery from injuries, healthy eating, business planning, weight loss advice & support, as well as Yoga and other healing modalities.  If you find a wellness professional you connect with or would prefer to work with Nats through this forum instead of with her in person in a private yoga class, workshop, training or bodywork session, it’s a great tool and easy to use!  Just go to your app store on your phone download TaskHuman and search for Natalie Buchi in the Provider search bar or look through the topics and see what might serve you!


Availability and appointments are accessible on the TaskHuman App.


Prenatal Yoga Classes –  On or Off Site

If you are looking for a Prenatal class or know other women who might be interested in them, Natalie would love to talk to you about what you are looking for.  She will do designated groups, such as:

Friends & neighbors that want to create a class together

Birth Centers and Prenatal Massage Studios that might want to put together a class for their clients

Health providers who see a benefit to promoting a class to patients that might have similar issues they are working with and discomfort in general.

Organized classes must have a minimum of 8 dedicated students. Call or Email Natalie for questions or to schedule a block of time for one of the best things you can do in pregnancy!  A consistent Yoga practice can make not only the pregnancy itself much more manageable on every level, but also the delivery and recovery period.

The cost per person is $130 for a 10 class pass which has a 3 month expiration date.


Good Ideas???

Classes and speaking engagements about wellness, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, meditation, nutrition and fitness (on or off site), radio interviews, podcasts, corporate Yoga (on or off site), group Yoga classes at other studios and subbing off site classes, podcasts, workshops (on or off site), continuing education for Yoga Instructors, pre-designed and scheduled group classes for various occasions are also in Natalie’s realm of abilities.

If you have any ideas for a special class you want to put together, please contact us!

Health and Wellness Tips and Discussion – Live Broadcast

Natalie has been asked to present shows on Elevated Radio 7/1, 7/8, 7/22, 8/5, 8/12 at 1:00pm MST (11:00am EST). Her 30 minute segments will feature a topic that is in Natalie’s knowledge base and callers are welcomed to join her and her host Rick Delgado for an enriching and most likely very entertaining discussion on Yoga and why we need it now, the human body and all the systems at play in living an abundant and healthy life, the importance and benefits of meditation, mindfulness and other such topics.  You can listen to her live or check out past shows here.


Yoga Is Now


Sequencing Workshop Series – Sequencing Basics

The first workshop in this ongoing series will cover the basics on how to Sequence a class based on observations of students body language and perceived moods, apex poses, the Yamas and Niyamas, specific muscle groups, various styles of Yoga, dysfunctional holding patterns, Yoga philosophy, chakras, and structured theming (ie. Forgiveness, acceptance, trust, grounding, ambition, etc…).   This is a great workshop for Yoga Teachers and Instructors and well as Yoga Trainees or anyone that wants to know how to sequence their own home practice with more confidence.


Dates and Times: TBD

Cost: $25 per session

Location: Mindful and Embodied

CEU Credits: Yes


Chakra Workshop Series

The first workshop in this series will focus on the Seven Chakra Systems starting with what Chakras are, how they work, how we know they are real, how they affect our decisions, behaviors, and health.  A brief overview of the each of the Chakras  will be covered  in great detail throughout the rest of the series.  There will be a total of 8 sessions in this series.

Our ways of being, feeling, doing, loving, speaking, seeing and knowing as well as understanding how limiting beliefs get in our way along with issues such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, lies, delusion and separation can create many obstacles.  If left unaddressed, these things can cause tremendous frustration, and other problems that directly influence our behavior and how we show up in the world.

This workshop is open to anyone interested understanding themselves in a more life enhancing way. It is also a great way to enhance and expand teaching and application to anyone in the healing and wellness industry.  This presentation on the seven chakra systems puts things into context in a way that is down to earth, scientific and relatable to most people, regardless of their learning styles, belief systems or perceived limitations.


When: TBD

Cost: $20 per session

Where: Mindful & Embodied

CEU Credits: Yes