Teacher Training

 Certified Yoga Teacher Training or Apprenticeship 


The Trainer and Mentor of the program offered at Mindful & Embodied is Natalie Buchi, E-RYT 500.  She is able to offers:

  • 200 hour stand alone trainings
  • 300 hour stand alone trainings w/ pre-requisite 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certification by her or another school recognized by the Yoga Alliance.
  • Continuing Education Credits for Teachers

If you intend from the beginning on becoming a 500 hour teacher and want to take both of the courses, call and talk to her right away so she can make arrangements.

Please take the time to read and absorb all that is outlined on this page if you are serious about your desire to learn more about Yoga and participate in a training that is tailored to every trainee in the small group, you will be setting yourself up for some incredible breakthroughs and be prepared to offer the same to others. In every session, the learning styles, belief systems, interests, and goals will be challenged and also nurtured.

Yoga Teacher Trainings are becoming more streamlined with requirements and expectations.  There also many opinions on what a training should be like and how it should be presented.  The standards for Yoga schools is in the process of a very big change and it is important to recognize the credibility that comes with a school that is accepted to certify teachers through The Yoga Alliance.

There is a difference between a Yoga Instructor and a Yoga Teacher and a certificate doesn’t define that.  Your presence and practice does.

This training is recognized by The Yoga Alliance and covers a wide range of topics essential for anyone wanting to understand Yoga on a deeper level including:


  • Yoga history, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle
  • Anatomy and physiology (studying the brain, nervous system, muscles, bones, joints, organs, soft tissue and how it all works in Yoga)
  • The business of Yoga
  • The Chakra system
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Meditation and Pranayama
  • Technique, teaching methodology and how to teach various styles
  • Therapeutic adjustments and assisted Yoga
  • Mindfulness as a tool to heal depression, anxiety and other imbalances in the body
  • Energy and bodywork

Since students will may be coming from different backgrounds and training, this training can also be a great addition or supplementation to any prior yoga training as she dives deeply into so many styles and aspects of Yoga, and openly shares her experiences and various perspectives she has gained from her years of study and practice.

Mindful & Embodied is currently accepting and reviewing applications for those interested in learning from a very diverse and specialized teacher in a small group setting (5-8 trainees) or she also will discuss apprenticeship opportunities for an even more specialized training.  Nats takes into consideration every applicant’s intention, goals, needs and concerns. Each Trainee will receive mentorship along their paths as long as necessary – even years after graduation.  Nats will be a resource for her teachers is many ways, including some exciting things to make it easier to start on a path as a Yoga teacher and run a business, however big or small.  This is coming soon!  Please see the application form below and be sure to check out the video! Nats returns all calls as soon as she reviews applications so please be detailed as this is a very specialized training and one must be ready to walk the path of Yoga passionately and with earnestness and integrity.  She is looking to share more of her techniques that make her approach so widely accepted and a reputation of delivering classes that are exactly in line with the students’ needs a part of what sets Mindful and Embodied Yoga School apart from other schools. Vagueness is a strong indicator to her that it is not a good match right away so be open and get ready to go on the journey of your life and really be of service as you move forward with this standard that she upholds and engrains in her trainees, whether you teach or not, this training will do more for you than you ever thought possible.  If she thinks there is potential she will want to talk to you so please put your phone number on the application to save time. 


Dates & Times: Next Training coming Soon

Contact Nats to discuss schedule for upcoming training 

Tuition: TBD based on track


It is important to keep in mind, should you choose to take any course from Mindful  & Embodied, that this practice is a path that involving  looking beyond the physical aspects or the postures.  Guidance will be given on how to integrate it, live it, and teach it in a way that resonates with each individual.


To be a teacher means to be a practitioner of all aspects of life and consciousness and to embrace the journey to its fullest.  It’s not just what you teach that really makes a great teacher.  It’s how.

This training is beneficial to those committed to becoming excellent Yoga teachers as well as those who might not want to teach but are interested in learning about Yoga and how the tools can be used in improving daily life. If you are seriously interested in transforming your life, finding more strength, confidence, power, and in gaining a skill in a trade that will benefit not only your practice and life but also the people you choose to teach.  If you are truly driven to be an authentic Yoga practitioner and teacher, you can’t find a better training.  Come take a free class if you are considering this training to see if it is a good fit.

Watch the video for some clips on what people have experienced in working with Natalie!